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Questions to Consider in Learning Space Design


Comfort: a space which creates a physical and mental sense of ease and well-being.

·      How comfortable do you feel in this learning space?
·      Do aspects of the learning space distract you from learning?
·      What area in the learning space do you spend most of your time and why?
·      Is there an area where you don’t feel comfortable in the learning space?
Aesthetics: pleasure which includes the recognition of symmetry, harmony, simplicity and fitness for purpose.
·      What features of the learning space do you appreciate?
·       Is the space fit for purpose in relation to learning?
Flow: the state of mind felt by the learner when totally involved in the learning experience.

·      Do you feel you can engage with your work in the learning space?
·      Are their areas in the learning space where you can focus on your individual work?
Equity: consideration of the needs of cultural and physical differences.

·      Do you think the learning space is inclusive of all people?
·      What features of the space promote an inclusive approach?
Blending: a mixture of technological and face-to-face pedagogical resources.

·      Do you utilize your own mobile device in the learning space?
·      How easy is it for you to connect to the network?
·      How often do you rely on the technology within the space?
Affordances: the “action possibilities” the learning environment provides the users, including such things as kitchens, natural light, Wi-Fi, private spaces, writing surfaces, sofas, and so on.

·      What does this learning space allow you to do that you cannot complete in another space?
·      Do you learn from other users about how to use the space?
·      Are there parts of the learning space that you avoid because you don’t know how to use them?
Repurposing: the potential for multiple usage of a space.
·       Do you move tables and chairs to create your own learning area?
·       What parts of the learning space do you reconfigure to suit your learning style?
·       Are there areas in the learning space that you constantly reuse for this reason?

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