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Digital Futures CRN - Research Leadership Development Program

The Research Leadership Development Program is a core aspect of the Digital Futures CRN. It is intended to act as a catalyst to build research capacity and capability. This includes a focus on skills and competencies, outcomes, impact and influence. The program is also intended to immerse the participants in a rich program focussed on developing their research leadership skills. Establishing networks, working in multidisciplinary teams and strategic planning are core aspects that will be discussed. 

Key aspects of developing a research culture are ambition, optimism and forward-looking research to solve research problems in our communities. This program will be a significant vehicle for enhancing this research culture at the University of Southern Queensland.
Our partners are an important aspect of this journey and we welcome the opportunity to develop our research capability in collaboration with the University of South Australia (UniSA) and The Australian National University (ANU).

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